“Zombie Orpheus hat Pilot Season!”

zoe pilot season

Vier Serien-Piloten

Zombie Orpheus startet eine Kickstarter-Kampagne zur Finanzierung von vier Serien-Piloten. Dabei geht es unter anderem um nichts geringeres als eine Serie um die Figuren aus dem ersten Gamers-Film. Nachdem die Piloten fertiggestellt und gezeigt wurden, dürfen dann die Zuschauer wählen, welche fortgesetzt werden soll.

Update: Gestoppt, gestoppt, gestoppt. Wer Gamers 4 will, sollte bei ZOEs Patreon einsteigen.

Die Serien:

The Gamers: The Series

Developed in partnership between Dead Gentlemen and Zombie Orpheus, The Gamers: The Series is designed as an ongoing story that will, if greenlit for production, lead directly into the events of our upcoming tentpole production, Gamers 4.

Gamers 4! Hallo!

The Mirror Game

A group of nerdy kids discover that an online urban legend (The Mirror Game) is not only true, but being used to open a portal between worlds for the Great Old Ones.

CoC, kann ja gut sein.


BRASS is an ambitious original series with a multi-platform release strategy. In addition to the series, productions within the BRASS universe include a serialized radio drama, live theatrical events, and original fiction.

Steampunk. Sicher auch cool.

Demon Hunters: Red Tape

Welcome to IOTA. The “operations” chapter of the Brotherhood of the Celestial Torch. Gabriel has faced death hundreds of times as a Chapter Leader in the Brotherhood and even braved the fires of Hell itself.

But middle management just might make him wish he was back there.

Between shady new recruits, downsizing, enforcing policy and trying to usher the Brotherhood into the future when it’s so transfixed by its past, Gabriel has his work cut out for him. He needs a great team.

What he gets is a reformed Succubus, a gay werewolf, a chronic underachiever and an accountant with a bad case of “dead”. And that’s just the office staff.

Haben haben haben!

Zur Kickstarter-Kampagne für die Pilot-Season.

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